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What if a file isn’t enough...

BrandCloud is a tool for cooperation in companies no matter what their field is. The app enables uploading, managing and quick sharing of digital content. BrandCloud boosts business growth and makes teamwork more effective.

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Our Clients

Online brand manual

We keep all brand assets safe and ready to share with the world.

You can cover your files with specifications of production, printing data and others.

How about managing more brands? No problem in BrandCloud.

Marketing assets management

How many leaflets, banners and articles do you create in your campaign? How often do you launch new products or services that you need to get in your sales network? 

It's nice to keep it all in one place, organised with notes and views, ready to share with the right people.

Franchise management

Signs above your door, staff uniforms or recipe for the best burger ever. You know better what is the key of your concept. We know that it is necessary to manage it and distribute to all franchisees.

Cooperation tool for middle sized companies and huge corporations

Today digital content is vital for almost every field of business. Documents, contracts, technical drawings, multimedia content. All of this can be effectively managed, updated, kept and controlled across whole company. Including connection to other systems.

Why can BrandCloud help you


Save time for your team

Annotations and visualisation of content saves approximately five hours per month of each team member.


Overview of finished work

You can prove with range of your work what your department has accomplished.


Personal branding

Environment of the app and emails are branded in colors of your company.


Prevent mistakes and duplications

Show yourself only current versions. The former are always saved in history. What is on BrandCloud that counts.


Sending huge files

Easily share files without limits, annoying advertising and with a delivery confirmation.


Excellent customer support

We are constantly ready to help over the phone. We do personal trainings.

Why you need BrandCloud

Boost your files

How do people know what is a file for? What is in the file and how to use it? Most of the time we explain it with an email or over the phone. And then again. And again. What if you could add extra information to a file in a meta layer? 

Details, instructions, views of pictures and of all galleries or many other tweaks. Metada are here to help when a file isn´t enough.

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Team productivity

Everyone knows what is inside the files and how to use it.

Servers in EU

Guaranteed backup and data accessibility.

What is on BrandCloud that counts!

Handy file versioning


Easy distribution

Sharing content with the right people.



75,00 EUR per month
10 users
10 GB
Data Storage
Mail support
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150,00 EUR per month
50 users
100 GB
Data Storage
Live customer support
Public profile
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Data Storage
Live customer support
Public profile
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Money-back guarantee for first 3 months.

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BrandCloud vs. ordinary data storage

Improved structure thanks to metadata Folders and files from the 70s
Graphical view Simple file view
Training, personal presentations, live support Impersonal FAQs and automatic emails
API access and customization Universal solutions
Guaranteed data backup and accessibility Service without guarantees
Servers located in EU Servers worldwide

And something extra...

Simply train new colleagues

With well organized documents on BrandCloud new colleagues easily integrate into the company. The metadata layer is here to tell them what to use and how. That way they won't ask you all the time.

Bring effectivity to the team

Don´t waste time with searching the last version of the text about the firm. On BrandCloud is always the newest version. Structure of BrandCloud is well-arranged and has views of the content.

Share files smoothly

You can easily sent huge files via BrandCloud. No more unsecure public services with many adds.

Shorten to-do lists

Your supplier has asked you in the middle of a meeting for your logo? Send it to him now from your phone and don´t think about it later.

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